Top solutions for the skin

Reliability and ultimate consistency, which characterize Medimar SA’s practices, have acclaimed the company in both Greece and international markets, so its export activities are currently being developed in 35 countries across four continents.


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Devitil ensures an effective and fast pigmentation of the skin’s discoloured areas due to the simultaneous (Read More)

NOVOXIDYL Lotion is an innovative lotion that contains active ingredients that have been proven to be highly (Read More)

NOVOXIDYL CAPS is the most innovative and complete product for the treatment of hair-loss, hair-growth and (Read More)

Aquaderm Silver cream is a revolutionary cream that ensures in the (Read More)

Aquaderm Cream is a product indicated for the treatment of burns (Read More)

EALK STEP 1 is a new, original product for the treatment of onychomycosis. (Read More)

AquaDERM LIPO is a product with a unique composition for skin regeneration (Read More)