Celluloplast Home Care

Celluloplast Home care

  • Celluloplast Home Care, is a subsidiary approved by the Ministry of Health in Algeria for all Home Care services and telephone advice.
  • Our teams of doctors and nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide medical and paramedical consultations at home.
    Call us for:
  1. General medicine consultation and medical emergency.
  2. Specialized consultation: paediatrics, cardiology or others
  3. Nursing care at home with paramedical acts:
    • Change of dressings (post-operative, pressure sore wounds, diabetic foot wounds, venous ulcer wounds, burns, removal of threads or staples).
    • Change of probes
    • blood sugar
    • Blood sample
    • Aerosol sessions – evacuating enemas
    • Intramuscular, intravenous injection
    • Infusion placement – infusion tests
    • Performing an ECG
    • stoma therapy
  4. Special COVID-19 care:
    • Medical consultation at home
    • Rapid antigen tests, PCR by nasal swabs
    • Oxygen concentrator rentals with all equipment
  5. Telephone advisors: We have a team of telephone advisers dedicated to supporting patients on their discharge from hospital in order to allow social reintegration and permanent support for the management of complications of chronic pathologies.

Your guide to a better life with an ostomy

  • Life with an ostomy is not always easy. Our goal is to allow you to focus on all the elements that make you resume your life and your habits before the ostomy operation.
  • Tips, tools and guides to help you manage your stoma and ensure healthy daily routines.
  • Practical information, which we hope will help you in case of problems or concerns regarding your daily activities or special occasions.