Celluloplast Home Care

Home Care

We work with a team of trained and dedicated enterostomal therapy nurses to help patients requiring specialized help.

These nurses come to their homes, providing patients with:

  • The necessary care
  • Advice for better management of their stoma
  • Psychological help in relation to their daily life with their ostomy

What could you expect from the Coloplast Care program?

  • Life with an ostomy is not always easy. Our goal is to allow you to focus on all of the things that are getting you back to your life and your pre-ostomy surgery habits.
  • Tips, tools and guides that would help you manage your ostomy and ensure healthy daily actions.
  • Practical information, which we hope will help you with any problems or concerns about your daily activities or special occasions.

We are also specialized in wound care, and in contact with a team of specialized nurses who travel to patients for optimal care, in particular for chronic wounds.

  • For more information and to contact us, please visit us on the site: www.coloplast.dz