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Celluloplast Production at the service of healthcare professionals for better patient care

Celluloplast Import

CelluloPlast Production, import subsidiary, dedicated to the import of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, medical equipment and food supplements...

Celluloplast Distribution

We serve, users wherever they are. CelluloPlast Production, a Distribution subsidiary, which entered into activity in 2019, imposes itself by its presence on the Algerian market as a key player...

Celluloplast Promotion

Celluloplast promotion Is a subsidiary of the cellulo plast Production group dedicated to medical information which puts its competence to pharmaceutical and medtech laboratories wishing...

Cellulo Plast Exploitation

Celluloplast production has an Exploitation subsidiary, dedicated to the registration and approval of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, medical reagents and ...

Home Care

Celluloplast Home Care, is a subsidiary approved by the Ministry of Health in Algeria for all home care services and telephone advice

Home delivery

A team of advisers & deliverers dedicated to the home delivery service that we make available to patients

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1st International Congress of General and Hepatobiliary Surgery on September 24 and 25, 2022 at the Marriote Algiers hotel.
We are pleased to share with you our symposium “Living with an ostomy”


Today September 22, 2022 takes place the 2nd day of SNAPO Tlemcen under the theme: “The evolution of the pharmacist in the health system” at the Palace of Culture of Tlemcen
We are honored to be present for this important event and to participate in its unfolding.
#IncontinenceCare #OstomyCare #WoundCare #Coloplast


The program Sahtek Bin Yeddik, produced by esseha.dz and hosted by journalist Samira Faïdi, returns in this summer issue to the problem of food poisoning which particularly affects children, in this season of outings, travel and consequently , change of restore mode.
To deal with this theme, the TV set of esseha.dz invites Dr Rayane Baghdali, pediatrician at Bainem hospital.
The show is produced in partnership with Celluloplast Production

CelluloPlast Production, participated in the Algerian-Italian forum and round table dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry

As part of the investment and cooperation between Algeria-Italy, Celluloplast Production, participated in the Algerian-Italian forum and round table dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry on July 19, 2022 this Algerian-Italian celebration Dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry


This week we have celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our company Celluloplast Production . It was a great pleasure to celebrate a great achievement of our team.


On the 30st of June, our team reached the 100 of collaborators.  Thank you for this performance and see you next year for more success . Celluloplast Production We care for you, Growing together for better life .

le 28/06/2022 An information day under the theme:


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