On May 25, 2024, Celluloplast took part in the Algerian-Tunisian International Pharmaceutical Day in Annaba, an event marking the twentieth anniversary of the partnership between the two nations in the pharmaceutical field. Under the chairmanship of Doctor Nourredine Mettioui, president of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists (CNOP), the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the pharmaceutical sector was highlighted, encouraging its use to optimize the management of pharmacies and improve personalized healthcare.

The event was enriched by a series of conferences led by Algerian, Tunisian and French experts, exploring cutting-edge topics such as artificial intelligence and medicine, digital transformation of the pharmaceutical product circuit, production and the export of Algerian pharmaceutical products, as well as innovation in insulin therapy for the management of diabetes.

Celluloplast’s presence at this day illustrates its commitment to improving public health in Algeria and its support for interprofessional cooperation in pharmacy, thus highlighting its key role in strengthening ties between the two countries in the pharmaceutical field.