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Cork Medical specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative products for the treatment and prevention of wounds. The company products consist of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Specialty Mattresses, Overlays, and Cushions (Learn More)


Negative pressure wound therapy

Revolutionary pump gives patients increased mobility without sacrificing the power physicians demand for optimal wound healing results.

FDA approved for use in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and homecare settings.

Product Features

-Light-weight and portable, weighing less than 2lbs.

-Interactive interface with easy to read LCD screen

-Step-by-step troubleshooting guide for alarms

-Multiple features for clinical enhancement of negative pressure wound therapy such as: patient runtime, sleep feature, alarm log, lock restriction, Variable Intermittent and Continuous Therapy Modes.
 Product Specifications

-Battery charger

-Neoprene bag for carrying

-Insurance HCPCS Code: E2402

POMPE NISUS (learn more)

Advanced wound dressing kit provides optimal seal without sacrificing patient comfort, allowing physicians the best modality of treatment for negative pressure wound therapy. Designed for user-friendly application, the kit is comprised of all components necessary to dress a wound for negative pressure wound therapy.

Product Features

-Film drape provides clinical breathability, excellent adherence, and step-by-step instructions

-High tensile strength foam is durable, flexible, and can be cut to contour a variety of wound shapes and sizes, allowing for an individualized fit

-Dome-like silicone port pad is durable to withstand collapsing under NPWT, yet soft and comfortable

-NPWT application instructions printed on the outer pouch allow for user ease and help eliminate user error

-Insurance HCPCS Code: A6550

Nisus canisters, used in conjunction with the wound therapy pump and wound dressing kit, collect and store wound drainage. Unique canister design sustains pressure under variable conditions, allowing patients the flexibility to be portable while maintaining a hermetic seal.

Product Features

-Canister latch design offers hermetic seal that sustains pressure under variable conditions

-User friendly design provides one-handed canister release and removal

-State-of-the-art dam design keeps membrane dry; preventing false canister full alarm

-Graduated indications on canister aid in measuring exudate fluid
 Product Specifications

-Single-use and housed in a non-sterile Tyvek peel pouch, canisters collect and store wound drainage

-Insurance HCPCS Code: A7000