Celluloplast had the honor of participating in the 17th edition of the National Pharmacy Conference, organized by the Algerian National Union of Community Pharmacists (SNAPO), which was held on April 22, 2024 at the Aurassi Hotel in Alger.

Under the theme: “The role of the community pharmacist in the care of patients with cancer and chronic diseases”, this edition brought together health professionals to share knowledge, discover the latest innovations and debate practices. exemplary figures shaping the profession. Dr. Karim Merghemi, president of SNAPO, underlined the importance of these exchanges to improve care management, strengthen patient safety and optimize treatments.

Health Minister Abdelhak Saihi highlighted the crucial role of pharmacists as a link between doctor and patient. He called on all pharmacists to promote their role in prevention programs by raising awareness among citizens to adopt a healthy lifestyle. He also underlined that the public authorities, under the leadership of President Tebboune, are doing everything possible to improve the care of cancer patients, in particular through the creation of cancer centers equipped with modern technologies.

One of the highlights of this conference was the announcement of the adoption of digitalization as a modern management and administration mechanism by the Ministry of Health. This initiative aims to improve patient care by facilitating access to health services and optimizing the management of community pharmacies. The project currently being finalized promises to modernize and make more transparent all aspects related to private pharmacies, while making it possible to predict and manage drug shortages effectively.

Our company is delighted to have participated in this crucial event for the future of the pharmaceutical profession. We are determined to continue to play our role in improving the care of cancer patients, by collaborating with other healthcare stakeholders to guarantee quality care and optimal support for patients.